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Most events are significant occasions of celebration, emotion and connection. With our event floral arrangements, Atelier A captures the essence of your festivity’s purpose and atmosphere through meticulously selected bouquets, floral themes, designs and motifs.


Dedicated to the details, Atelier A works with you to cultivate and capture the moment through crafted flower curation aligned with your vision, whether you want something bold, romantic, understated or refined.


Weddings are the big day in a couple’s life together, and ATELIER A tells your love story in flowers. From a simple bridal bouquet to filigree wreaths in your hair to lush floral installations, ATELIER A’s heartfelt wish is to ensure the memory of the most beautiful day lasts forever. We are a specialized wedding florist in Zurich.


Flowers are an important part of any wedding; they create a festive atmosphere and add glamour and romance to the festivities. Whether you prefer your wedding floral arrangement to be simple, colourful or glamorous—we will make your vision a reality.


We work closely with you or your planner to create mood boards and design concepts all with a detailed budget.


Inquire to see how our wedding floral arrangements will create a unique and memorable atmosphere for your wedding.


Flowers tell the story of your company and leave a lasting first impression on your customers. In this way, flowers for business events in Zurich are always a good idea.


Studies show that flowers and plants are not only decorative—they also increase employee cognition and productivity.


ATELIER A specializes in creating inspiring environments to feel good in. Whether for you, your employees, clients or guests, we will work with your business to ensure we curate the right message. Flower arrangements can impress with understated refinement or amaze with a bold display of astonishing luxury. Whatever the intended effect, we take pride and pleasure in crafting the fitting custom floral creation.


Contact us to learn about our floral arrangements for businesses or company events in Zurich.


In the meaningful moment lies beauty. Our flower creations, in their full splendour, are crafted to their peak of artistry for your event. This is the big challenge and ATELIER A is happy to take it on.


Your idea, your theme, your occasion—our possibilities. Whether it is a table arrangement for a private dinner or an impressive hanging flower installation—you set the standards.


Inquire to see how we can make your moment remarkable.

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