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At irregular intervals we would like to share our craft with you. In this first Tutorial spring comes into full bloom and we will show how to create a cheerful mimosa wreath. Using voluminous, show-stopping mimosa flowers, you’ll craft a flowing wreath that pops with colour and delight.

Carefully guiding you on correct branch selection, wire fastening and flower attachment techniques, the Founder of ATELIER A, Kaye Zingg, not only teaches you the fundamentals of creating a balanced wreath base, but also how to use full vibrant flowers to create a door adornment with character. Happy yellow mimosa and spring branches are all you need to get started with this inspired arrangement.

Let's play with flowers!

Our very best,

Kaye Zingg & Team ATELIER A


Wreaths are beautiful additions to your home all year round. Welcoming the season of blooming flowers, Kaye Zingg's mimosa wreath tutorial will teach you​​:

  1. How to select the right kind of branches for your wreath

  2. How to set a proper wreath structure

  3. How to correctly fix mimosa to the wreath

  4. How to hang your mimosa wreath


  • Wire

  • Wire Scissors

  • Flower Scissors


  • Mimosa Branches

  • Wooden Branches



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